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Butt Implants

Don’t Be Hind-Sighted about Butt Implants

Butt implants provide a patient with a way to contour his or her body. Women often request a butt implant following a breast enlargement. The implant can reshape a woman’s body, so that the size and shape of her buttocks matches the size and shape of her larger breasts.

Both men and women have used butt implants to reshape a body part that remained unchanged, despite repeated diets and persistent exercise. The butt implant calls for careful placement of silicone padding. Unlike the silicone used in breast enlargements, the silicone used in butt implants does not rupture.

Gluteal implants, another name for butt implants, are usually placed beneath the fascia, the fibrous lining of the muscle fibers. Sometimes, if a patient lacks a large amount of fascia, the butt implant is put inside a muscle. An experienced surgeon places the implant in a manner that eliminates chances for implant shifting.

While superior placement can lower the chance for an implant shifting, it cannot always eliminate a further possible post-surgical complication. Like all types of surgery, a butt implant introduces the chance for infection. A patient concerned about infection might look for a procedure that does not call for such a large incision.

Not all butt implants demand use of the same implant style. The majority of butt implants are done with an implant that is considered a style 3. Style 3 implants are round and non-directional. Style 1 and 2 implants require use of a specific orientation. Style 4 implants have a custom fit: a 2-sided form, with one side being the mirror image of the second side.

Three factors determine the suitability of a butt implant: the size of the patient’s butt, the shape of the patient’s butt and the patient’s skin quality. Some patient choose to have a butt lift, rather than a butt implant. Some facilities, such as the California Surgical Institute offer yet a third alternative.

The doctors at the California Surgical Institute have been trained to perform buttock enlargement. The buttock enlargement is also called “a buttock augmentation” or “a Brazilian Butt Fill”. The buttock enlargement involves the transplantation of fat tissue.

During a buttock enlargement, the surgeon removes fat from a region of the body other than the buttocks. Body regions that commonly supply the transplanted fat include the abdomen, the hips, the back and the thighs. That transplanted fat is put into small incisions made on the patient’s butt.

A buttock enlargement can provide a patient with a more natural looking buttock. A buttock enlargement removes one concern present after a butt implant—the worry that the implant might shift its position. Both the butt implant and the buttock enlargement have been praised by patients who have undergone the procedures.

Patients generally find that after a butt implant or a buttock enlargement, their clothes seem to fit better. Patients who have enjoyed a butt implant or a buttock enlargement have also remarked about the degree to which they feel sexier.